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Letizza Piadina

SKU: 97006

Our thin Piadina plays homage to its Romagna origins in flavor, texture and size. Letizza Piadina Italian flatbread is perfect for Vegetarian, Italian, Mediterranean cuisines; just add cured meats, salad greens, vegetables, roasted meats and cheeses. The Piadina allows you to serve unique, signature sandwiches.

The Letizza Piadina comes in two sizes, a 7″ and a 9″ and we also custom make different sizes for customers. The Letizza piadina is a perfect alternate to the classic wrap, but the best part is you do not need to overfill the piadina as you do with a wrap, their are less carbohydrates within our piadina then a wrap, and if the piadina is sitting in your glass display cabinet at your cafe, school or restaurant it will not become soggy by the end of the day, as a wrap does. It also updates the classic ‘toastie’… which customers always like something new!

Are you looking for something new and wow on your cafe menu? Or looking for a perfect after school snack? Or quick dinner? The piadina is a perfect solution, as it’s based on a similar recipe to the Letizza pizza bases which means it’s full of authentic flavour.