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Smoked Kentucky Pork Ribs

SKU: 102822
R/W Price per kg

Savour the exquisite taste of our Smoked Kentucky BBQ Pork Ribs, seasoned with paprika,
salt and sugar. Each succulent rib enhances the natural richness of pork, expertly smoked in a
traditional smokehouse for optimal flavour.
• Consistent, High Quality Portion Controlled
• Versatile
• No Added Preservatives
• Time & Cost Effective
• No Artificial Colours or Flavours
• Fresh not Frozen
• Long Chilled Shelf Life
• 100% Australian Pork
• Near Zero Stock-loss
• Ready to Heat & Serve
• Authentic Hickory Wood Smoked
• Flavourful & Delicious

Unit size R/W (1.3kg x 6)